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The right eye by Tim Walker

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For the third film of our fashion body series we turn to internationally-acclaimed photographer Tim Walker to provide us with his vision (pardon the pun) of the right eye. Eschewing his trademark phantasmagoria - and indeed fashion frippery in general - Walker instead opts for beetling brows and mischievous glinting eyes. We'll leave the owner something of a mystery but all but the sharpest of peepers...


  1. someonegreat
    12:09 23 Jul 2010
    I'm a big fan of Walker's work, but I was kind of hoping for a bit more a trademark magical mystery tour from him on this one.
  2. toastytoaty
    13:03 23 Jul 2010
    Love this idea. How many films will be going up in all?
  3. saint
    15:31 23 Jul 2010
    Me too, i would have loved to see some of his Alice in Wonderland aesthetic here.
    Interesting that a fashion photographer treats his film work so differently, it hardly looks like Tim Walkers work, you would never guess.
  4. hudson
    17:55 23 Jul 2010
    Where's the fashion in this body?? Are eyebags in for fall?
  5. harley
    23:23 25 Jul 2010
    I kind of agree with everything that has been written above.I love Tim Walkers work, so why did he do something so different here.It is not that there is anything wrong with the film indeed I thought it was rather well done, but I expected so much more from Tim. Tim Walkers eye could and indeed should have been magical.
    If you read this Tim could you say why you made this film and not something more in keeping with the work that has quite rightly bought you so much respect.
  6. guest
    11:11 27 Jul 2010
    i am a huge fan of his work too. here's some background info i found on him
  7. 1uke
    18:00 29 Jul 2010
    I feel a step closer, still a million miles away from understanding the source of imagination in Walker's photography, it might spoil it if I did.