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The second instalment of our Punk fashion film season is here!

Coinciding with the Met exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, on which Nick Knight served as a consultant, SHOWstudio celebrates fashion film with a dynamic new series: PunkTo emulate punk's DIY spirit, our contributors have customised a special item of clothing to act as the focus of their individual fashion films. 

The second film in the series, After Anarchy, is conceived by stylist Tom Guinness. As clothing is central to Guinness' work and life, each piece holds a specific meaning. Guinness explains:

'The film features a deconstructed Hoodie which, worn with a bandanna and cap represents for me one of the places that punk ended up - at the G8 protests, crust punk, free teckno squats and free parties across Europe. Also a bomber jacket, an MA1 flight jacket with its roots in the air force here with that heritage being subverted and reappropriated to be a uniform for the street punk protester. I deconstructed and customised this jacket with zippers and tartan; two of the most iconic and classic elements of the punk aesthetic.'

Watch Guinness' After Anarchy now! Also, the punk clothing featured in Guinness' film is available for purchase from SHOWstudio Shop.