by Penny Martin .

The Second Life of Victoire de Castellane

Bague Carnivo Papidevorus
Dracula Spinella Devorus
A snapshot we took whilst flying around Belladone Island

It's old news that fashion is finally cottoning on to the potential of the Internet, but it's rare to find one of the big houses putting their back into online projects. Hats off, then, to Dior Joaillerie, who are previewing foxy Victoire de Castellane's 17-piece new collection on Second Life. Based on a fictional island where Belladonna blooms (the poisonous Deadly Nightshade women during the used to drop into their eyes during the Renaissance, to dilate their pupils and simulate erotic excitement), Dior Joaillerie's 'Belladone Island' presence on the site is characterised by these animated, predatory flowers: for instance, the petals of this 'Dracula Spinella Devorus' open thanks to a minute watch mechanism. If you fancy a look before the real jewels reach the shops in late February -and once you've registered and downloaded the software- search under 'Belladone' and teleport yourself into the sensual world of Ms Castellane.


  1. la
    23:08 4 Feb 2007
    is anybody in the SHOWstudio audiance a Second life member?
  2. MaryannMelchior
    10:32 5 Feb 2007
    I am and have tried unsuccessfully to find this Island - searched under Castellane, Belladone, Island, etc...A shame as it looks stunning and would love to have a walk around it.
  3. PennyMartin
    14:56 5 Feb 2007
    I searched on 'Map' for 'Belladone' and got there. It was a bit confusing at first, though, as I didn't realise I was there, but then I started to fly and it was all fine (something, I find, that works in real life too)...
  4. GalileosUniverse
    19:55 5 Feb 2007
    ............Great fun & fantasy!.........2nd.....Life.....
  5. MaryannMelchior
    13:17 8 Feb 2007
    Ah - top tip, didn't even know you could search on the map!
    It's fab, actually...have landmarked for future visits when I need to be uplited by wandering around big pink hearts and fantasy shapes (and let's face it, who doesn't from time to time).
    Very sweet.