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The Shoulders by Gareth Pugh

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Renown for his sometimes sinister and often outrageous inflated silhouettes, it felt natural to turn to British fashion star Gareth Pugh to provide us with his ever-inventive view of the shoulders for our Fashion Body. Ever one to buck the trend, however, rather than indulging fashion's current passion for an emphatically bold shoulder-line, Pugh took a gentle and delicate approach in this mesmerisingly kaleidoscopic and dreamlike short. Nevertheless, each monochrome frame is filled with the swirling forms, shiny shiny leather and savage spikes that have become his design leitmotifs.


  1. Nico10014
    21:22 23 Aug 2010
    Video only play first 9 seconds. It does not load completely. I was really looking forward to see this video since I am a big fan of Gareth Pugh.
  2. simon.foxton
    22:04 23 Aug 2010
    Yes , I'm having that problem too .
  3. la
    22:36 23 Aug 2010
    Good, I thought it was just my rubbish computer.
    I too really want to see this film.
  4. alex.fury
    10:59 24 Aug 2010
    Hi Nico10014,
    Apologies for this! It appears we had some problems with a corrupted file but the film has now been replaced!
  5. alex.fury
    11:00 24 Aug 2010
    Hi Cymbeline,
    Many apologies indeed - but we've located the bug and the film can now be enjoyed as the artists intended!
  6. alex.fury
    11:01 24 Aug 2010
    Hi la,
    Sorry about the problems in viewing this film - but it has been re-uploaded in all its shoulder-shivvering glory for your enjoyment!
  7. 1uke
    10:30 31 Aug 2010
    Entranced for nine minutes, time well spent.