by Penny Martin .

The SHOWstudio Satellite!!

It's been impossible to install a SDSL line at the historic venue for Tuesday's Moët Tribute. To broadcast the proceedings, therefore, it has been necessary to book a satellite! The SHOWstudio Satellite (yes, you heard that right) is a 'Eutelsat W2' which is 16 degrees east, transponder B3, channel H. Click here to read more about which exact space craft your entertainment will be bouncing off on the night!


  1. la
    18:51 20 Oct 2006
    Oh ,the EutelsatW2 is just the best !
  2. Landon
    19:47 20 Oct 2006
    Worldwide Showstudio cells and now a satellite!? They're trying to take over! Somebody stop them!
  3. flux
    20:40 20 Oct 2006
    So we're invited to the ball anyway, after a fashion? But as voyeurs - the ultimate mask... ;)
  4. Lie
    22:44 21 Oct 2006
    I know i use it all the time!