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The SHOWstudio x Heron Preston tee has dropped!

Today, 6 May 2014, we dropped our highly anticipated clothing collaboration with #BEENTRILL# boy Heron Preston! Preston has created an exclusive t-shirt and turtle neck for SHOWstudio Shop. The t-shirt features a strong graphic inspired by John Hamilton Mortimer's 'Death of a Pale Horse', and the cuffs and neck of the undergarment are adorned with Russian lettering.
Preston shares his viewpoint on the creation of the garment; 'Stylistically it was the foreignness of the letters and their shapes that intrigued me. I also found a certain beauty in the aggressiveness and style of artwork on death metal t-shirts. This exploded into the Russian phrase ПЛАМЯ ВОЛНЫ (english translation: FLAMES WAVES), an artistic expression and commentary on a personal vibe. It's purely style lust for me, and because of that, the word "style" in russian, СТИЛЬ, appears embroidered on the turtle neck & screen printed on the t-shirt.'
These extremely covetable streetwear items come as a pair for just £120 and can be worn individually or together. The 'FLAMES WAVES' combo is a limited edition and already selling out fast so don't miss out on getting yours now!