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The Waist by Kristian and Marie Schuller

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Inspired by 1930s Surrealism - specifically Jean Cocteau's Le Sang d'un Poete - photographer Kristian Schuller and filmmaker Marie Schuller provide the waist, or more poetically La Taille, of our Fashion Body. Quite classically, Schuller chose to cinch her waist with an archive piece by the world-renown couture corsetier Mr Pearl (this example originally worn on Antonio Berardi's S/S 1997 catwalk by Honor Fraser), alongside more unconventional pieces by Viktor & Rolf, Louis Vuitton and Gareth Pugh, in scenes reminiscent of Horst's Mainbocher Corset and even the disturbing, deconstructed dolls of Hans Bellmer. Few garments fashion the body quite as dramatically as these fine A/W 2010 examples.


  1. HowardFischer
    12:19 10 Nov 2010
    A wonderful piece, an atmosphere that isn't too overbearing and obvious, complemented by a rich soundtrack all add to something really great.
  2. alex.fury
    15:36 10 Nov 2010
    I'm incredibly proud to have this on the site - and to be able to fashion train-spot that Berardi corset from forty paces! Gorgeous gorgeous piece
  3. someonegreat
    10:31 23 Nov 2010
    Utterly stunning.
  4. A.KA.
    17:06 31 Jan 2011