by Alexander Fury .

The Walk Through at Eley Kishimoto

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In Baudelaire's words, genius is childhood recovered at will. Eley Kishimoto certainly thought so, basing their entire spring show around childish wonderlands, fairytale characters and the monsters and ghouls of toddlers' imaginations. All provided ample inspiration for their prints - always "kawaii," but this season even more than usual. Rainbows were etched with butterflies, lizards creepy-crawled across crepe dresses and a series of shifts resembled childrenswear endearingly knocked up, Von Trapp-style, from seventies caravan curtains (albeit rather chicer). The riot of print extended to hats, tights and even crash-helmets, sometimes matching, sometimes clashing. And so it should be. Print is always their overwhelming strength and focus and the Eley Kishimoto team otherwise wisely keep lines clean and simple: a touch of playful trompe l'oeil, a few sequins and a zingy colour palette of satsuma, lemon and grape let the patterns do the talking. Recently handed the reigns of French pret-a-porter bastion Cacharel, their unerring graphic eye is even more in demand than usual. Luckily this show proved that Eley Kishimoto have more than enough ideas and vitality to split across two fashion capitals.