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'The Writing on the Wall' by Freja Beha Erichsen

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Any male GP will tell you it's good bedside manner to train one's eyes on uncontroversial things when an young lady exposes her breasts. A knowing Freja Beha Erichsen helps us out in her contribution to Political Fashion by offering us something to read instead.


  1. muxu
    18:33 5 May 2008
    "for we are like tree trunks in the snow..."
    we = letters/words
    snow = skin
    17:44 14 Aug 2008
    I love this movie!
  3. la
    01:16 15 Aug 2008
    love the films' melancholy.
  4. alexfifea
    21:22 20 Mar 2009
    the movie is adorable, very intimate. is this the only one u made? i think u could do more. wish i could meet u in real life :) come visit Bucharest!