by Fred Butler .

"things that have never been made before"

Does it look like Yoshikazu Yamagata might have been tipping his creative cap to tortoises?  The garments were vacuum packed to transport them from Japan and brought to life with cardboard substructures.  So all stylist assistants can breathe a sigh of relief: you won't have to schlep 1 meter crochet cubes as they can be worn loose! 


  1. marian
    13:07 4 Jun 2007
    i want one to wear for my friends wedding this weekend
  2. GalileosUniverse
    07:23 5 Jun 2007
    ....a fantastic idea for a wedding dress !!
  3. mariemarie
    03:16 1 Jul 2007
    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!