by Alexander Fury .

Things to make and do

The big face-off
More of Panos' handiwork
Spike heels (in more way than one)

Besides racks crammed with everything from Parisian big-wigs Balenciaga and Balmain to London mavericks Louise Goldin and Christopher Kane, Panos and a vertiable army of artisans have set to work crafting unique accessories to help create Carmen's 'Clown' persona for this shoot. Festooned with studs, crystals, spears and spikes to give the outfits a savage twist. Here, we focus on just a few of Panos' creations: heels smothered in Swarovski prickles, bead-encrusted bandages and tights and an eerie glitter-latex mask with sexualised crystal pout. Just how these arcane accoutrements will be utilised in the final looks is, at the moment, all in Panos' mind - but we'll all be finding out pretty soon!