by Christabel Stewart .

Think, Think Thingamajig; what do you represent?

Think, Think Thingamajig; what do you represent? is a performative sculpture work by the Glasgow-based artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan. The Think Thingamajig is a cube decorated with pink diamonds painted on black, a design that has existed as the cover for a script and a ceramic sculpture in their practice previously. In this outing it has become a cuboid costume worn by a silent man who sits slightly forelornly in his own world as a poignant living sculpture in the Tate gallery. Also on view is a second chance to see Sue Tompkins doing her spoken word performance, this time a new work called 'Grease' 2006, written and performed especially for Tate's innovative Art Now programme of contemporary art, which presented both these works.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    21:31 18 Jan 2007
    Hopefully the general public will be more generous and understanding to him inside the museum...than they normally are/would be on the least he doesn't have to endure the rain and harsh weather outside....that is a great plus !...and not to mention some recognition !..........