by Li Yin Soh .

This Australian fashion label really is 'Something Else'

Australian fashion label ‘Something Else’ by Natalie Wood has long aspired to be more than just a fashion label. When it was founded in 2004, Wood’s vision for the brand was to create designs that transcended the usual parameters of clothing. Their website says that Something Else ‘centered on the merging of art and fashion… continually pushing boundaries in terms of what a fashion label can offer.’ The upcoming SS12 season for the brand from down under takes up this matra with gusto.

Something Else’s latest collection Outlaw features an exclusive collaboration with New York-based writer Indigo Clarke and illustrator Julie Verhoeven who hails from the United Kingdom. The two creatives have produced a unique collection - inspired by cosmic vastness and a journey to an Arizonian wonderland - comprised of print designs illustrated by Verhoeven and accompanied by Clarke’s short story. Clarke’s involvement also extends to inspiring and collaborating on several elements of the collection, hence the three unique Indigo designs.

Peppered with acidic cacti print and girls’ faces done in Verhoeven’s signature graphic style, Outlaw aptly embodies a bit of the Wild West aesthetic. Eye-catching shapes like cacti, handdrawn by Verhoeven, are imprinted onto silk and satin in feminine lilacs or dark tones, contrasted with an unhindered landscape. The results are fluidly depicted on a printed shirt, silk tunic, satin dress and a matching kimono and trouser set.

Verhoeven, whose collaborations with SHOWstudio produced the irresistable Forget-Me-Not wallpaper and And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt, carries wearers away on a rebellious journey, made more memorable by Clarke’s poetic depiction. Enjoy!