by Nick Knight .

This Charming Man

SHOWstudio is put together by a very small team of amazing devoted and highly inspiring individuals. A hand full of real diamonds that I have been privileged to have worked with. Never has the sheer ambitiousness or size of a project or the fact that it has never been done before or that it would normally only be attempted with 10 times as many staff or 100 times the budget ever stopped them from creating the most brilliant projects.

In such a small team the character of the individual members is all-important. Paul Bruty has for seven years been one of the most consistently positive and delightfully enthusiastic people I have worked with. His willingness to accept any challenge in a calm and elegant way made working with him a total delight for myself and everyone else at SHOWstudio. I knew that inside he was wrestling the difficulties of each project just like the rest of us but not once did he allow it to darken his mood or manifest itself in a negative way. No dramas, no tantrums just a constant outpouring of elegant and and intelligent problem solving. Paul helped take the feelings of anxiety and worry out of equation for me. He made enjoyable events that in other hands could have been nerve-wracking and stressful. He helped make SHOWstudio an addictive pleasure for me by unassumedly removing the difficult parts, only to turn them into beautiful, refined and modern layouts. The internet can be an ugly place and Paul helped us make SHOWstudio beautiful.

One facet that might have gone by unmentioned but seem in some way to give a fuller picture of Paul, it is a constant regret I have that I could never quite find a project that allowed me to broadcast on SHOWstudio Paul's amazing Bird-Feeder-Cam. He lived in Central London, but the range of beautiful birds that he had images of feeding at this device was a total joy to see, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Green Finches and Goldfinches all came and preformed for Paul's camera.

Paul is leaving with his lovely wife Tamara to live in her home country of Australia. My hope is that I can invent the project that allows me to persuade Paul to set up the Australian version of his Bird-Feeder-Cam and so we can see what must be a truly wonderful selection of antipodean birds and in so doing also gives me the pleasure of working with this utterly charming man again.

Thank you Paul.

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  1. joanneK
    00:29 4 Nov 2008
    'Roo-Cam PB! Dooo it!