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'Three Coats' by Siv Støldal and Ruth Hogben

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Based on the clothing of three Norwegian men - a pensioner, a diver and an engineer - Siv Støldal's 'Three Wardrobes' collection provided the inspiration for her contribution to Political Fashion. Created in collaboration with filmmaker Ruth Hogben, this film isn't so much about 'fashion' as clothing, focussing on the minutae of Three Coats and in such provoking unanswered questions about age, race, class and gender roles.


  1. la
    00:11 24 Jul 2008
    beautifully subtle, gorgeously shot, thought provoking and a delight.
  2. GalileosUniverse
    11:40 24 Jul 2008
    Uhmm ??? .... mirrors of the trade ... ? ... a tale of two cities in 'each ones' mind as a true fact ??
    ' Race' a fascinating subject and almost the subject of walking on dynamite .... specially now days with so much false ' political correctness '... but then there is always something called the will of the mind and the power to raise above the rest with dignity and demand what belongs to each one by showing others that barriers can be broken in a benign way if only the subjects involved are willing to .... as I said ' IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO' and then all the ' boogie men ' hiding' in all the 'protagonists' closets will surely vanish in thin air .... but then again some will no believe it or at least try to .... and here we still have it since the dawn of mankind ... and history being history has shown again and again that some are born to conquer and some are born to be conquered ... just thinking aloud !!...
  3. saint
    17:54 24 Jul 2008
    How is it that we never hear from the designers on this forum.
    I would love to know what Siv thought.