by Alexander Fury .

Throwing shade in the LiveStudio

We've raced through our first few shots in a flurry of LiveStudio action: limbs have flailed, shapes have been thrown and the boys have jumped up and down quite a lot. Add Simon's hefty selection of bovver boots to the equation and we're more than a little afraid the ceiling may cave in! Hopefully our stream and stills so far have given you a fair indication of the general direction of this shoot to be featured in the 30th anniversary issue of i-D magazine - namely, graphic and emphatic black outlines halfway between gang-fight, dance-off and some form of fashion mutation thanks to those hunched shoulders and padded layers. The fashion we're using is suitably esoteric - everything from Givenchy suits and Yves Saint Laurent macs to Burberry shearlings and a down-filled puffer jacket or two (dozen). We're only a couple of hours into this two-day shoot, so check back on the LiveStudio throughout the day for more action from the set.

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  1. AndrewSmith
    17:11 6 Jul 2010
    I heard somewhere that dance-off were invented as a non-violent way to resolve gang conflict. Is that true or WAAY off? I don't see how any gang could take the idea of solving their differences through the medium of dance seriously.