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To Lee, With Love, Nick

Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969 – 2010
'This film is my way of speaking about a very unique and important person who changed my life. My desire was to speak in some way about the dark and the light contained within Lee, and within us all.'
Nick Knight

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  1. someonegreat
    21:04 7 Dec 2010
    Stunning, gorgeous, and what feels like a fitting tribute to Mr McQueen's memory.
    The thing this film has which so many other dry, corporate tributes sorely lack is true emotion. I couldn't imagine the Gucci Group producing anything that comes even halfway close to conveying the feeling behind this.
    It also bears out Mr Knight's declaration that you really have to see clothing in movement - it feel that this does better justice to Mr McQueen's legacy than any dry, trite museum exhibition. Undoubtedly the Metropolitan Museum exhibition will be grand - but it will also be cold and sterile. To a degree that is unavoidable: as soon as you take clothing off the body and encase it behind glass, it loses its original function and meaning. It becomes something to be looked at rather than experienced. There's no danger of that here. This film manages to convey the power of McQueen's creative vision but in an entirely new manner. It doesn't feel like a rehash of his old show moments. It feels like so much more.
    A tour de force.
  2. Imogen
    21:59 7 Dec 2010
    Oh wow. 02:04 gave me goose-pimples, this is so beautiful.
  3. ThomasH.Opitz
    00:08 8 Dec 2010
    It reminds me, in some way, of Verdi's requiem written in memoriam of Manzoni - a reflection of the work of an amazing artist in the work of another artist, in a different discipline.
    Thanks for that to Nick and all who have contributed to it!
    Kind Regards
  4. Mr.Carter
    02:26 8 Dec 2010
    There is so much raw emotion in this video it literally brought me to tears. I know McQueen would be proud of this. A masterpiece!
  5. CharlieStrand
    17:29 8 Dec 2010
    Such a beautiful film.
  6. KaWai
    19:29 8 Dec 2010
    Beautiful film.
  7. tiagof.martins
    10:45 9 Dec 2010
    we will not allow him to die ...
  8. DennisVeldman
    11:02 9 Dec 2010
    gorgeous! i have posted it on my facebook wall. a true tribute
  9. restopesto
    15:07 9 Dec 2010
    this is amazing, so eerily beautiful.
  10. restopesto
    15:16 9 Dec 2010
    My thoughts exactly.
    I hope they are including some of Nick's work in the exhibit - it would add a great dimension to the whole spectacle.
  11. alacran1029
    16:04 9 Dec 2010
    What a beautiful film and cast of models. SHOWstudio blows my mind every time. R.I.P Lee.
    - J
  12. saint
    23:04 13 Dec 2010
    I found the lyrics on YOUTUBE, thought you might like to read them;
    this might not happen often that i feel i might breathe heavily, darling but there's so much hope there is so much hope out there i've been trying so hard to complete all the puzzles to create a flow to get the current, the warmth we all know the nourishment we all want feed on we want to feed on and then only sometime with the right amount of tears in our eyes and smiles on our lips trance-like we know, we know we know it was all worth it we know, we know it was all for a reason
    so beautiful, so sad.