by Carrie Scott .

To rock the mic like a vandal: Nasir Mazhar collaborates with MC Shystie

The latest event to take shape on LiveStudio stage includes illustrious milliner Nasir Mazhar and renowned grime MC Shystie. Tune in this Thursday, April 15th 2010 at 4pm GMT to see what results. Mazhar will be styling Shystie from head-to-toe, incorporating one of this season’s celebrated headpieces into the ensemble, minutes before the dynamic MC takes to the mic to execute two of her newest songs. With Mazhar's gravity defying styling, Shystie's militant music should, quite literally, take on a whole new dimension.

Join us online for the performance, broadcast from the LiveStudio at Bruton Place.

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  1. Kairi
    03:32 6 Dec 2011
    Wow! That's a rlleay neat answer!