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Today/Tomorrow:Chinese Art is now over!

After an hour of intense discussion, the live-stream of Today/Tomorrow:Chinese Art has ended. Chaired by SHOWstudio Shop's director Carrie Scott, the talk between Chinese artists Sheng Qi, Le Guo, Haili Sun and academian Voon Pow Bartlett fleshed the context of the Gao Brothers' Execution of Christ sculpture, as part of our Death exhibition.

'Jesus is Mao’s enemy and Mao always struggled with this question, he cannot find the real answer because he doesn’t know principles. When you have standards or principles, you’ll know who your friend or enemy is', said Sheng Qi, a close friend of the Gao Brothers. To re-experience the enigmatic discussion, watch the re-stream, available on SHOWstudio shortly.

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  1. Gancling
    10:30 17 Aug 2012
    Hi Zsolt! You probably didn’t nocite, but I was absent for a while… ;)) Anyhow, I missed your posts and comments, so I’m trying to catch up what I can! Hope you enjoy the change in your lives I wouldn't dare ;)Loved to see the Parliament in orange; great shot! The hunted Hunter looks great also!Hope you have a great weekend!Gil