by Alexander Fury .

Todd Lynn Walk-Through

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Todd Lynn has always had a predilection for the darker side of life and his latest collection for winter was no exception. His pasty, whey-faced boys and girls - often so skinny as to make the difference in cut negligible - were dressed in a predominantly dark palette of black, teal and aubergine relieved only by the texture and finish on fabrics such as cashmere, taffeta and crushed patent leather. Victorian taxidermy was cited as a key influence - presumably in the beastly textures of goat and sheepskin crafted into taut sheath dresses and oversized collars on short tailored jackets. The silhouette, as with so many, was top-heavy with high waisted trousers and belts emphasising an already-defined shoulderline. Lynn's strength is tailoring, and as such the Victorian undercurrent was perhaps better expressed in gothy frock-coat detailing, curved revers on otherwise clean-cut jackets and witchy pointed shoulders suitable for only the chicest children of the night.