by Helen Storey .

tony talking disappearing bottles

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Tony & me gave a talk about our collaboration at a nanotechnology conference today. After, i asked him to say a few words about the products that have come out of our 2 year dialogue. Here he briefly describes the disappearing bottle.


  1. JoshBaker
    21:34 24 Jan 2008
    Once upon a time people thought Cars were a stupid idea.
    Once upon a time people thought Computer chips were a stupid idea.
    Nanotechnology. Technological singularity. Stupid ideas?
  2. KarlFuler
    22:24 24 Jan 2008
    When did people think that cars and computer chips were stupid ideas?
  3. GalileosUniverse
    00:20 25 Jan 2008
    Endless fascinating, cannot get enough of it ! ... it all sounds just like ' science fiction '... but now totally science with absolutely no fiction... and art can play its part by helping to catch people's imagination ... brilliant idea of Ms.Helen Story and Professor Tony Ryan to make it possible to bring it all together full circle .... amazingly wonderful and out of this world possibilities !
  4. HelenS
    16:25 25 Jan 2008
    Thank you for your comments - keep em coming !