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Treatments Already Coming In!

SHOWstudio viewers Marie, Sylviane Louzoun, Juan Claudio Betancor González and Emma Spencer are clearly in touch with their inner muses, since their treatments for 24hrs are already in! Click here to study their entries so you can pen your own scenes. We're a bit light on night scenes so far, so get scribbling!


  1. jeanclaudecourt
    20:34 29 Jun 2007
    I had fun writing my scene! Sorry for english mistakes:
    -Madam what´s that think (THING) you have coming out from your breasts? Think instead of english teacher would kill me if she would read it!!XDD
  2. Petra.Petrovsky
    16:44 5 Jul 2007
    Hi, me too had fun writing, checked out the hints on youtube, cool nice little movies. How can i see if the written stuff is rightly uploaded?
    Maybe i ll change some tonight:-)
    bye / Petra
  3. PaulBruty
    19:50 5 Jul 2007
    All 128 entries are on the treatments page now Petra, including yours. Phew!
    Penny and Ross are pinning them up for closer inspection tomorrow.