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Tumblr take-over! Gain insight into Nick Knight's first solo exhibition 'Nick Knight: Image'

For the 1 to 7 December, the SHOWstudio team will take over the Tumblr page in a curation celebrating the recent opening of Nick Knight: Image, Knight's first solo exhibition at the Daelim Museum in South Korea.

The Nick Knight: Image Tumblr take-over looks at seven different sections of the exhibition over the seven days, starting with Knight's earliest project Skinheads. This take-over aims to provide insight into the context, circumstance, cultural references and printing techniques that are involved behind Knight’s pioneering work and will feature quotes and analysis from Knight himself alongside friends, subjects and collaborators such as Stephen Jones, Carrie Scott, Lou Stoppard and Judy Blame

Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr today to view the first posts and revisit past take-overs by Sam McKnightAlexander FurySimon FoxtonLiberty Ross and many others.