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Tune in to our #BEENTRILL# X KTZ live stream today!

Be sure to tune into SHOWstudio over the course of today for a very exciting live-streamed fashion shoot!

Anything's possible online and anything's possible in the fantasies of your mind! #BEENTRILL# and KTZ team with Nick Knight on a shoot to celebrate their new collaboration. The shoot and resultant film explore the links between the limitless possibilities of the unconscious mind and the limitless possibilities of the deep web. Models include rising young rap duo BLADEE and ECCO2K of GRAVITY BOYS.

The action commences at 12:00 GMT - don't miss it!

Also! Stay tuned for an exciting KTZ x SHOWstudio collaboration, coming to SHOWstudio Shop very soon! While you wait shop #BEENTRILL#...