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Ugly! Lou Stoppard explores Fun Fur

Following the release of Ruth Hogben's Hitchcockian fashion film, Beyong the Glass, our rolling Ugly project continues with a new series of informative mini films. Key pieces - from clumpy shoes to odd prints - will be studied in short looping films with audio analysis that examines the recurring motifs found in 'ugly' fashion. The analysis is penned by SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, who recruited the V&A's esteemed fashion curator Oriole Cullen to help with the research.

We begin with a look at Fun Fur. At once luxurious and feral, fur appears throughout history as something strange or even silly, from its use in surrealist art to last year's Fendi frazzles. As Stoppard says, 'On one hand fur is lofty, elegant, refined, a symbol of feminine decorum, on the other it's wild, sexual, raw. Though soft to touch, almost cuddly, there is a prickliness to fur - it is strong, powerful, even intimidating. In a much quoted phrase from Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch once called a women in fur a 'great cat, a powerful electric battery.'

Watch the Fun Fur film now, and stay tuned for more, including explorations of clumpy shoes, awkward silhouettes, shocking prints and more!