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Ugly: Why are women wearing odd earrings?

The second mini film in our Ugly series is here! Listen to Lou Stoppard unpick the culture, history and meaning behind the wearing of single or mismatched earrings. 

Stoppard's audio exploration weaves the story of the Odd Earring, citing its presence in examples as diverse as 1950 film All About Eve, Ukrainian cossacks and secret gay codes right up to the emergence of the trend on the A/W 14 Celine runway and the fine jewellery offering of Net-A-Porter. 

Examining the recent popularity of stand-out single jewels like the Delfina Delettrez piece seen in the film, Stoppard suggests, 'You could see this as a comment on luxury. Before, jewellery was all about showing wealth or social status - 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' and all those cliches. Now we're more inclined towards gems that show personality. And what shouts of individuality and gumption more than the confidence to throw caution to the wind and wear one giant earring?'

Listen to Odd Earring now, and keep and eye on the Ugly project, we'll be releasing more audio clips next week.