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Unique punk items available in SHOWstudio Shop

SHOWstudio is awash with punk fever at the moment. We've had some exciting projects launch, including Punk: On the Runway, which has already seen Alexander Fury and Max Pearmain share their favourite fashion punk moments, and Punk: DIY, our latest competition.

Our shop is also full of hidden punk gems ready to help you get into the spirit. Try Claire Barrow's hand painted leather biker jacket out for size or David Bradley's Punkature Dress. We've also got exclusive pieces from Shaun Leane such as this silver horn ring and silver hook earrings to unleash some inner anarchy!

Una Burke's studded belts or Kat Mark's acrylic collars provide contemporary takes on punk accessories, while Fiona Gourlay's Versace 'Vunk' illustration reflects the movement's impact on the contemporary world of high fashion.

If you're not brave enough to try those out, why not purchase the exhibition's official catalogue; a dazzling display of archive images and rare works that beautifully documents the evolvement of punk.