by Penny Martin .

Unstoppable Liberty Ross

If the first half of the DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN project was meant to prompt a model -usually the subject of the photographer's control- into taking control of her own representation, then it has more than achieved its goal. Liberty Ross has astounded us with her rapid-fire creativity that just keeps on coming. Without prompting, she has now generously offered up a free give-away of this Jemima Stehli-esque print she made whilst filming her latest-but-one video for 'Fragments of Me' (or is it reminiscent of Helumt Newton? Perhaps we'll leave that for discussion on our forum).

We've decided to make the prize for the best outfit assembled by a viewer during next week's live shoot on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when, of course, Liberty is turned over to your (the viewer's) control. As if you needed an incentive...

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  1. Josie
    15:22 23 Feb 2013
    What a pelasrue to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly