by Val Garland .

VAL GARLAND: New York begins

All day show fittings. Bed at 10.45 pm.

At 2.45 am.... NY NY oh how I love you. Woke up to the sound of fire alarm and pungent smell of smoke. Loud speaker says there's a fire on the 11th floor, I was sleeping on the 11th floor....what did I save from the fire?? Only myself - what a mistake. All other occupants at were sporting Chanel handbags and crackberrys... hmmmmm, will I stay at 'oh no grunge' hotel next season????

I have 1 show today it's the Ports show. Got to work on two of my favourite models, Freya and Siegrid. Look for the show is nomadic gypsy jetsetter....

Product that pulled it together a great new MAC lipgloss called flesh and right now I'm prepping the skin with Sisley, Sisley, Sisley.....

Did I say I love my hotel?...

I couldn't get into my fav, the Crosby....

....NO I don't love my hotel.....

LOL, val X


  1. la
    13:57 11 Sep 2010
    who is the handsome young man??
  2. s.h.e
    16:13 11 Sep 2010
    Would love to see some backstage photographs of the models sporting the MAC and Sisley!!
  3. saint
    16:35 11 Sep 2010
    You haven't told the end of the story .... what was the pungent smell of smoke from??
    Classic paparazzi trick, just phone a trendy hotel and say there is a fire. All the celebs in the street in their pyjamas!
  4. 1cal1
    16:43 11 Sep 2010
    It is Orlando.(I think )
    And yes he is handsome.
  5. Jayvee
    07:50 10 May 2013
    At last! Sonmoee with the insight to solve the problem!