Live Now Dior Homme - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

17:00 - 18:15 on June 23 2018 BST

by Susanna Lau .

Vicky B Deets

I really need to stop referring to Victoria Beckham's line as a Vicky B show. That phrasing smacks of a patronising tone that can't really be applied to Beckham now that she has somewhat proved herself as a legitimate designer, lauded by critics. Her take on this season's emerging military theme had all the signature Victoria Beckham traits - the zipped-up back, the killer bod fit and sumptuous fabrics. It was these little details such as the slits in the sleeves and beanies worked with military caps that caught my eye.

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  1. Paul
    07:59 10 May 2013
    Great, she has a lot of money. Big whoop! But is she happy? Clearly she isn't when she has to do whatever she can to save her sham of a marirage because her husband is a cheater. She is stupid. She claims to have never read a book in her life. WOW! She is sooooo intelligent. Money isn't everything.