by Penny Martin .

Viktor & Rolf say NO!

As kind as it may be on the PRs' part when tickets and especially seats are so in-demand in Paris, sometimes second or third row can be a mixed blessing. Yes, the rest of the industry sees how esteemed your company is or how friendly with the designer you are. But often the benches are on the same level as the ones in front (sometimes fourth or fifth is better, since they're raked), which means all you can see is the hair-do of the editor in front of you and perhaps the model's head an shoulders wafting by above.

Thus, it was difficult to take any pictures of Viktor & Rolf's show. What I can tell you, however, is that it was a 'protest collection' and that every look had the words 'No', 'No Way' or 'Dream On' spelt out in glitter make-up, built on in felt 'concrete poetry' lettering, appliquéd on in silk or shaved into the fur.

Underneath, there were some saleable wool coats with nipped in waists, see-thru chiffon shirts and taut, tailored smoking jackets.