by Nick Knight .



Dear Kev,

I have just sent you an email regarding a perfume bottle.

It is part of an ongoing project on SHOWstudio and for this I am  

producing a blog/diary following every step of producing this scent.

I would like to put your response to my email on SHOWstudio, would  

that be ok?




Hi Nick

We can make a prototype of the perfume bottle, I would suggest the most cost

effective route would be to use a rapid prototyping (3D Printing) method

known as SLA this is a liquid polymer cured with an Ultra Violet laser.

SLA is very similar to clear Perspex.

The first things we need to establish are as follows.

1) The fist, female or male? The best route would be to take a cast of a

real person making a fist using dental alginate and plaster and then scan


2) The outer shape of the bottle, you specified 2.5 inches square, am I to

assume the outer shape is pure 2.5 inch cube?

3) The cap, is the cap to form part of the entire outer shape? Or is it to

be a different shape? A quick sketch of what you envisage would be a good

place to start.

4) What size would you expect the fist to outer shape relationship to be?

I.e. small fist with lots of wall thickness, large fist with thin wall

thickness, again a quick sketch would be a good idea or we could prepare the

fist and produce some renders with the fist different sizes within the cube

for you to decide the inner outer size relationship.

5) Does the cap need to be removed and the bottle fully functional?

6) Do you expect to be able to put liquid in the bottle? If so it may need

to be a coloured water as a real perfume may affect the acrylic because it

contains alcohol.

If you want it to be made in actual glass then I would suggest you deduct

the SLA cost and talk to someone like Swarovski or Saint Goban.

Saint Goban are a Parisian glass company that make perfume bottles for most

of the known perfume companies as well as a huge percentage of Europe's


 Approximate costs.

Initial 3d concept model and renders. L300:00

Casting the fist.

Assuming you send someone to me to use for the cast. L250:00

Scan the fist.


3d model the bottle.

Assuming it has a screw cap and will be fully functional. L350:00

SLA model of the Bottle.

Very approximate we can only get an accurate price when the 3d model is

ready to send to the RP Company.




Yes it is fine to blog it.


Kev Stenning