by Nick Knight .

violence.The first test arrives.

Dear Sissel,

yes I received it this morning as I was leaving the house.I had a quick smell. Interesting.A lot of chemical smell which I guess is some sort of solvent.

Under that was a bit sweaty man. Old and a bit unpleasant and musty.I didn't detect anything dangerous yet.Do you think the fighters should be clean before they start?

Tell me what did you think? What did you think I should smell.




Dear Nick, 

Let me describe how  I precented the first sweat:

I think the person who "fought" - " " meaning I think he was too

programmed/too intellectual prepared for the fight. He was TOO clean

beforehand, kind of fresh from the shower. I could hardly smell ANY sweat,

and the headspace hardly able to identify any molecules. I could kind of

smell some chemical, which I identified as having to do with clothes worn

before fighting. These cloths were rather synthetic......

Also I think he was fighting without passion - producing no adrenaline.

The small amount of smell that came over was pretty dull and contained very

little/hardly any information!

I think the second one is already much process these days!!

It is VERY important that the "fighters" do not "overclean" themselves

before fighting. Also I think that the more professional they get the less

"REAL" sweat they produce.

Nick I do not know on behalf of which criteria you choose the fighters, and

what kind of "rules" you are able to give them in advance?!

I think we seriously have to discuss these topis before the next fights

otherwise we might end up with very littel - for our intentions -

information = smells to work with.

I am sure we will find a way, this is just the beginning.

The impossible is nothing!

Headspace Images will take time, due to IFF Crises!!! SORRRYYYY! But we will

have them in the end, I HOPE!!!!

All the very best




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  1. oliverpoon
    18:35 8 Jan 2009
    Hi, Sissel and Nick,
    is it possible to get the clothes from the prison? I've watched those TV programmes about the prison. It seems violence appears everywhere everyday. Those people live in danger. Maybe it could get more chemicals about violence. Just a little thought about it.