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This week viewers have the opportunity to watch another of Nick's live shoots courtesy of the kind people at click on the link to watch the film of his cover shoot for the March 2007 issue of Vogue starring the beautiful Daria Werbowy.


  1. beanlo
    22:28 6 Feb 2007
    I have a query regarding Nick's use of heads on the giant hexagon. Firstly, i assume this is a tailor-made device put together just for you? Secondly, does it have a similar effect to a ring flash; flattening the image and allowing for f32/64 to be used?
  2. JoshBaker
    14:43 7 Feb 2007
    Nice photograph Nick. I notice you are using a similar setup as with the V mag shoot with Naomi. I am curious about the hexagon lighting setup also. Was the lighting setup used here the same as the more recent Dior photos? I love the effect made visible in the subject's eyes.
    The skinny debate - Is this in relation to Penny's blog "Let's have a heated debate!" (
  3. PennyMartin
    18:57 7 Feb 2007
    It was, Josh, it was!
  4. xenicon
    16:43 8 Feb 2007
    No mirror adds 10 lbs.
  5. KaWai
    03:06 11 Feb 2007
    Question for Nick: What was your aim during the photoshoot? What was the one statement you had to get across in this photo-knowing it's going to be a cover?
  6. nickknight
    22:28 11 Feb 2007
    In short,beanio, yes and yes.
  7. nickknight
    22:59 11 Feb 2007
    KaWai, creating an image especially for a cover is a slightly delicate task.
    I obviously have to take into account that there is a VOGUE to go at the top of the image,and sometimes we can get away with the models head obscuring some of the letters, I have a feeling I once managed to lose two,but that is very rare.I have a VOGUE acetate that lies over the polaroid,which helps .Then there are the cover lins down the side,those are usually a bit more of a gamble as I will not know exactly where they are going to go,and the delicate composition of an image can be completely lost by a wrongly placed cover line.
    However saying that I have always loved to see my images combined with type,It feels that it gives the images real function or purpose.
    My first influences were Russian propaganda postersmade by people like Rodtchenko and El Lissitzky and the work of Moholy-Nagy,Kurt Schwittersand John Heartfield,all of whom worked with type on or as part of their art.
    Secondly I have to convey the prevailing mood of the season ,which is usually to some extent offered by the clothing itself.The fashion narrative if you will is set by the clothes,mostly you just have to 'read' it.
    My role is often just to not get in the way and present all the information that is in front of me,most of the job is already done as the model steps onto stage in front of my camera.
    Finally I have to create an image that delivers all this info in the quickest time possible as the image will ultimatly be viewed amid lots and lots of other covers and the VOGUE one has to be the one that hooks you first and fastest,unless of course I am working for i-D/Another/Vmag and so on.
  8. 1cal1
    23:11 11 Feb 2007
    I went to see this film on the vogue website as I was very keen to see it but I just couldn't get it to play,it kept sticking after only a few seconds very frustrating!
  9. GalileosUniverse
    09:00 12 Feb 2007
    ....the greatest thing is that the balance is so perfect...that somehow the type just fades away and the model just reigns supreme in the composition......artful and delicate........
  10. GalileosUniverse
    09:02 12 Feb 2007
    ....the greatest thing is that the balance is so perfect...that somehow the type just fades to the back and the model just reigns supreme and above in the composition......artful and delicate........
  11. harley
    13:45 12 Feb 2007
    Daria is sooooooo beautiful it is great to see her moving in the film,more films of fashion,PLEASE!
  12. KaWai
    02:51 13 Feb 2007
    Mr. Knight, thank you for answering my question.