by SHOWstudio .

Vogue China creates a short about SHOWstudio

A special thank you to Chinese Vogue for the exciting short they created about SHOWstudio to broadcast as part of Vogue TV. The film promotes various aspects of the SHOWstudio website, and features a black and white interview with Nick Knight and dynamic archival footage. 

Knight is shown discussing how over the last century new modes of fashion communication have replaced others and how each has taken time to define itself. As SHOWstudio is the home of fashion film, Knight explains that film, like fashion illustration and fashion photography, will need to go through a similar period of ‘self-definition’. 

The archival footage features gems such as Hauteur Space, Lady Gaga's White Christmas and Ruth Hogben’s Hatstand. Dynamic Blooms, Ming Xi Couture and Earth Magic were among the other fashion film snippets featured.

Having already racked up 20,000 views in its first day, the short film is perfect for understanding SHOWstudio’s attitude toward fashion, film and the Internet, including the latter's narrative within fashion and its relationship with a moving body.