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VOID OF COURSE Live Stream for 'In Your Face'
Two day residency from 22nd - 23rd February

From 22nd February legendary design duo Void of Course take up a two day residency at SHOWstudio HQ for the next in our series of live streams for 'In Your Face’. Interacting directly with each viewer, they will be answering your questions through and creating two unique garments.

London based brand Void of Course is a collaborative project of Belfast born Sean-Anthony Moran and Dubliner Chris Sutton, creating art, fashion and film with their own unique visceral results. The term ‘Void of Course' describes a moment in the lunar cycle where the moon moves into a new aspect, a time notoriously associated with a sense of detachment, melancholy and a loosening grip of reality. We expect a similar force to be gripping SHOWstudio, regardless of where the moon finds itself on 22nd and 23rd February.  

Inspired by Francis Bacon and Buffalo Bill, our upcoming live stream will explore notions of self-surgery and mental deterioration. Expect nothing less than liquid latex, wire, lace and crystals as they put together a dark but beautiful fantasy. Chris Sutton and Sean-Anthony Moran will unleash their unique blend of erotica and obscurity to create what they have described as a 'performance portrait'. Chris will be creating a headpiece and Sean working on an accompanying garment, at the same time they will be answering your questions. The resulting garments and answers are yet unimaginable, but it will certainly be an event to tune in to.