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Walter Hugo Process Film Now Launched!

As we bask in unusually seasonal summertime warmth here in London, today we launch Reflecting The Bright Lights, our video project chronicling the LiveStudio residency of artist Walter Hugo as part of our latest SHOWstudio Shop show Practice to Deceive: Smoke and Mirrors in Fashion, Fine Art and Film. A fascinating look through behind Hugo's antique lens and inside his incredible camera obscura, this video edit is created from footage captured during the course of our one-day live broadcast. Pairing mid-nineteenth century technology with subjects that provide a cross-section of some of the brightest and boldest talents in twenty-first century Britain, artist Walter Hugo installed his oversized camera (oversized actually meaning the size of many a reasonably-priced West London pied-à-terre) at our Bruton Place studio to fix the faces of astronauts, entrepreneurs, neo-punks, entertainers and intellects in silver-nitrate on giant glass screens. Our video documents the process, which reintroduces the prestige of portraiture lost in age of instance and disposability, and is a touching and beautiful record of a technique and process revived under the watch of a committed and passionate practitioner.


  1. AnitaDugato
    15:14 30 Jun 2011
    This is a great film! I watched the live stream and didn't really understand what was going on and now everything makes sense. the video is an amazing tutorial. i am planning to do something similar but i will experiment with large format first. Thank You!
  2. riyka
    19:10 30 Jun 2011
    so beautiful
    I will go and see the exhibition