by Paul Bruty .

Watanabe Pattern

"We are utterly delighted to announce that as part of the Liberty Ross' 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' project, the brilliant Japanese designer Junya Watanabe has offered to contribute a garment pattern from his forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2005-6 (not-yet-in-the-shops) collection." –17 May 2005

I'm no seamstress but the Watanabe pattern, which arrived at the studio earlier this week, looks to be a corker! Of all the patterns SHOWstudio have offered you over the years, this one appears to be the most eagerly anticipated, just ask the Individual Frog. I'll be digitising the artwork (scanning) from the start of next week so the the wait is almost over.

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  1. Remy
    11:29 25 Feb 2013
    , No, I don't think she's going to go over her due date. She's already hainvg those Braxton Hicks contractions, so I think she'll have him early. Well, San, I can still HOPE she'll wait!! My hopes are just as strong as your thinks , and I also know that first babies are usually late, although Tamara is the only one of my babies who was on time, soo . we'll both just have to wait and see! :) Not too much longer to wait, though! Only about six more weeks! Jen was right, that week was way too short, and I can hardly wait to see you again!