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Watch Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 Now!

Click here for another fantastic opportunity to watch the full version of Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 catwalk show entitled 'Plato's Atlantis'.


  1. la
    22:51 6 Oct 2009
    This was his best defile ever!
    I love the Lady gaga track too.
    Sooooooooooooooooooo amazing!
  2. megalolz
    23:44 6 Oct 2009
  3. Imogen
    00:59 7 Oct 2009
  4. FashionHungry
    01:34 7 Oct 2009
    Fucking Mind Blowing.
    I was brought to tears.
    As soon as I saw the first look I dropped everything.
  5. editionbw
    03:20 7 Oct 2009
    I have to watch this again, & I'll be watching this. I'm just blown away by the trans-formative other-worldliness that just the shoes provide to this collection. Never mind the make-up, hair and ofcourse the clothing! J'Awe-Dropping!
  6. HowardWeiner
    04:46 7 Oct 2009
    I believe that this is art. Art in the purest sense of the word.
    Though I'm prone to hyperbole, I'm left gobsmacked by what I just saw.
    You may think that some elements of the show are absurd BUT when taken as a cohesive vision of fashion, music, technology, lighting, staging and imagery...I believe that we are literally looking at the future.
    Personally, I find the clothing ( the raison d'être for the show ) utterly amazing and beautiful. The symmetry is exquisite and one of the last outfits at 14:13 ( a silver/bronze/platinum lamé ensemble ) is breathtaking. Mr.McQueen has showed us the future and henceforth fashion and its presentation will never be the same. Absolutely brilliant!
  7. johnstember
    04:46 7 Oct 2009
    Excellent show ... took me right back to Daryl Hannah as Pryss in BLADE RUNNER !!!
    One of my favorite films !!! ... Bravo Alex !!! ...
    Best J.
  8. leonor
    08:09 7 Oct 2009
    true beauty!
  9. CocoS
    10:11 7 Oct 2009
    Stunning, magical and as usual SHOWstudio is heading the revolution
  10. bekkadenn
    12:06 7 Oct 2009
    It's SUCH A TREAT to see the whole thing from start to finish - PLEASE SHowstudio, can you get more designers to do these during Fashion Week so us lesser mortals can take part in the wonderful theatre of fashion....
  11. ZakuroYugo
    18:18 7 Oct 2009
    Very good quality video!
    The pictures and videos by professionals are really amazing after all, although it is a matter of course.
    In the end, i can see the details now.
    So, i just concentrated on seeing this show yesterday night.
    The opening video was erotic.
    The video showed us snake with lady.
    The models wearing this clothes and heels looked the girls fused with insects to me.
    Love Love this Alexander Mcqueen's show.
    Best regards.