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Watch Nicola Formichetti talk Dazed, Gaga and Diesel

Today is Diesel's highly anticipated Venice show, the first since Nicola Formichetti took the creative reigns. In tandem, we couldn't think of a better moment to release our stunning edit of the super stylist in conversation! Filmed last September, Formichetti had only just announced the collection would be shown in Venice outside of Fashion Week. And the rebellion doesn't stop there!

He discloses, 'I didn't want to come in and just erase the history... I just wanted to reboot it, you know, like when you switch a computer on and off. I'm taking the past and modernising it.' 

In addition to Formichetti's 'digital and physical' visions for Diesel, the candid interview covers a myriad of topics, including his experience working with Lady Gaga and reasons for leaving Mugler. 

Fuel up for tonight's heavily anticipated show by watching the interview, and, of course, take a trip back to the #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign for a taste of Formichetti's vision.