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Watch The Deep Web - a new fashion film by Nick Knight

We are proud to launch a new fashion film by Nick Knight! The work, created to celebrate the KTZ and #BEENTRILL# clothing collaboration, explores the link between the limitless possibilities of the unconscious mind and the limitless possibilities of the deep web. In the fashion film, Knight explores the millions of layers that make up the internet and its resultant complexity. He looked to create a sense of 'things within things and layers within layers,' as a nod to the multiple portals one has to navigate and find to enter the deep web. This was explored in both the two days of filming that occurred when producing the work. On the first, BLADEE and ECCO2K of GRAVITY BOYS toyed with layers by 'live mixing' a performance directly onto their website, and on the second day, footage from the first day appeared directly on the body of model Betty Adewole via green screen paint. 

Watch the fashion film now, and for a behind-the-scenes look, watch the live stream of the first day of the shoot!