by Alexander Fury .

Watching you watching me

For those watching Tim and Shona's shoot via our live stream, here is a taste of the view our exhibition goers experience in the Fashion Revolution space at Somerset House. In good old-fashioned Big Brother style, although we can peer into the studio, the team inside have no inkling of the audience they're playing to - all for the best when you're a naked model, I suppose! Tim and Shona will be shooting for another hour or so tonight, but if you missed out on today's action fret not: the shoot will be streaming live from noon tomorrow. Or why not come and press your nose to the glass at Somerset House if you're nearby?!


  1. la
    20:21 29 Oct 2009
    but what are they doing???
  2. alex.fury
    10:53 30 Oct 2009
    Hi la,
    Sorry - seems our blogs have raised more questions than answers! I'll try and pin down Shona or Tim for five minutes on your behalf to chat about the shoot when our live stream kicks off again at midday today!
  3. la
    11:48 30 Oct 2009
    Thank you.
    It all looks very interesting but I really want to know so much more about what i am seeing, so I can't wait to hear what Shona and Tim have to say.