by Penny Martin .

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

Not in our wildest dreams did we think we'd receive so many scripts: over 200 at the latest count (and three new poly-boards to accommodate them!) I've near blinded myself by reading through the first three acts this afternoon and we have been enjoying excerpts including: the bit where the model's face goes on fire; her 'growling stomach'; the ominous Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the bed and let's not forget the man in the pinstriped suit with the eye patch and red wig!

For the most part, the submissions are great reading. But one observation, if I may. It is clear that you are all enjoying writing about the aspects of the industry that you know about: the clothes, the make-up, the gossip, the Polaroids... But these are all things we show on every live shoot. How about something unexpected, surreal, outrageous even? We are completely open to moments of abstraction, so we'd like you to reconsider the following scenes with a little more 'artistic licence': Act I, Scene 3 (currently a bit flat); Act II, Scenes 4 & 5 (surely a daydream and a movie are great opportunities for something more imaginative?); the whole of Act III is currently a bit 'Blow Up' (maybe it needs something totally alien to spice it up?).

I've not got to Act IV yet and will get back to you when I do, but this should give you enough to go on for now. Good luck!


  1. jeanclaudecourt
    20:27 6 Jul 2007
    I look forward to watch the film. It is great you want something really radical. And thank you for not censoring any script!
  2. vertgazon
    00:03 7 Jul 2007
    Thanks for the tip! I resubmitted an entry for the shoot to make it more surreal and less like real life.
  3. mmbbaa
    04:40 7 Jul 2007
    Submitted a rewrite, and before midnight Friday.(My time anyways.)
  4. vertgazon
    17:39 8 Jul 2007
    Under Scene 3: 22:00 The shoot, an entry is wrongly credited to me.
    It starts off as "The studio is set up like an elegant restaurant. Tables with white linen tablecloths are positioned around a center point."
    I did not write this, but hopefully the right person can let you know that it was their entry. Thanks.
  5. sdkbos
    02:05 9 Jul 2007
    That last one was mine actually. Thanks for catching it.
  6. PaulBruty
    08:55 9 Jul 2007
    Thanks for pointing that out Tina, it's fixed now.
  7. vertgazon
    16:47 9 Jul 2007
    Thanks Paul for fixing it. Do you know when the winners will be announced?
  8. sdkbos
    23:52 9 Jul 2007
    My treatment for that begins with "The assistant from the photo shoot arrives with a desperate look on his face.." should be listed as an entry for Act 4 Scene 5--The Past Catches Up With Her. I found it misplaced under Act 3 Scene 6.
  9. PaulBruty
    11:12 10 Jul 2007
    Not sure yet. It's going to go down to the wire.
  10. PaulBruty
    11:12 10 Jul 2007
    fixed :)
  11. jeanclaudecourt
    17:23 10 Jul 2007
    Was the deadline Friday 6 July; or can we still submit new scripts (as the form is still available)??
  12. PaulBruty
    17:35 10 Jul 2007
    Just between you and me, I'll keep adding your entries to our treatments page up until the shoot. Any entries received now may be deemed too late for consideration for the actual film narrative though so don't be too heart-broken if they don't make it.
  13. mmbbaa
    19:48 10 Jul 2007
    The poly-boards are down in the studio.
    Does that mean they have chosen or they've run out of room? Those of us who have submitted are anxious to hear feedback. :)
    Will you let us know before or after shooting?
  14. jeanclaudecourt
    20:26 10 Jul 2007
    OK. Thanks for answering!
  15. Zake
    11:28 10 Apr 2013
    Dianna Lopez - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Maria is a good friend of mine and you rellay captured her in way I've never seen. She is so stunning. Awesome work!!November 17, 2010 11:45 pm