by Penny Martin .

Westwood Statement

Given that that the Key Detention Vote is scheduled to take place in British parliament this afternoon at 16:30 hrs, allowing subjects to be detained for 90 days without charge (not to mention the 'emergency powers' sanctioned by the French Government, apparently allowing a house to be entered this morning without a warrant) Vivienne Westwood has asked us to post the following statement, together with the above pictue by Cindy Palmano:

Statement from Vivienne Westwood:

Habeas Corpus, the fundamental law, the very key to democracy has been taken away from the British people. Arbitrary arrest happened in Stalin's Russia and was once the prerogative of kings, which in England led to Charles I having his head cut off: it is the mark of tyranny.

We are all at risk from Government. Anyone can be picked up and punished with an indefinite control order, without trial, never having the chance, adequately, to defend themself. Now the Government proposes yet more powers to detain suspects, for up to three months, without even charging them with a criminal offence.

We ask the British people to imagine how they would feel if this happened to them or to an innocent person dear to them. It is happening now and can happen in the future.

This is being done because our Government says it is good for us; they know best and we must trust them. They are managing to do this under constant, new, anti-terror laws, relying on our understandable fears and the continuing spin of confusion.

Why can't people suspected of terrorism be charged and given a fair trial? It is in our interest that they should be; one thing is clear, those people at present detained without trial were innocent of the London bombings.

In addition, the Government is now trying to take away another of our basic freedoms, the independence of the judiciary.

Vivienne Westwood