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'Who Is Fashion For?' by Sandy Black

[blockquote]Fashion is both an internal and external experience of the body, a three way communication between designer, wearer and those who observe, each adding their own patina of taste.[/blockquote]
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For our latest literary exploration of The Fashion Body, Professor Sandy Black takes an overarching view, using the springboard of the concept of the Fashion Body to tackle a wide range of theme - from the supremacy of the catwalk show to the increasing consumption of fashion, both visually and as merchandise. However, the question she poses - who is fashion for - is rarely addressed by the industry at large. This illuminating and insightful essay certainly gives our fashion body food for thought.


  1. someonegreat
    03:27 13 Aug 2010
    Great reading. Really interesting essay piece. As you can tell I'm catching up on my ss in the early morning...
  2. la
    12:39 14 Aug 2010
    refreshingly objective piece of writing.
    Interesting points expressed with out the usual venom that so often is present when academics write about fashion.