by Penny Martin .

With the shoot now over, the work's just begun

I've received so many personal e-mails over night from people, frustrated that they missed aspects of the Anechoic shoot yesterday, that I am moved to blog and assure you that there is plenty more to come from this, the second of our three 'Sound of Clothes' projects.

The task is now to listen to exactly what we captured in terms of the bizarre subtance sounds and work them into a series of interactives that will reveal the audio essence of each garment. In addition, since we realise how beautiful Zora looked inside the wonderful chamber itself, it makes sense to use the video footage to craft small films showing how the garments looked as they made each precise noise.

As with any collections story you see in a magazine, the shoot's only half the story. But don't worry: it's all down on tape and will be online shortly!