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'Working Girls' by Alexander Fury

[blockquote]Perhaps it's indicative of our general need to probe behind the perfect images of fashion - witness the lust for behind-the-scenes documentaries and revealing romans à clef - but our focus has shifted from the perfected, idealised bodies on the catwalk to the bodies beside it.[/blockquote]
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As we gird our loins in preparation for the latest round of catwalk shows across the four fashion capitals, Fashion Director Alexander Fury outlines the twenty-first century fashion phenomenon of editor-as-editorial in his contribution to our Fashion Body essay series. Evident on street-style blogs across the Internet, Fury argues that the shift of our attention from models' bodies onto snapshot images of these new fashion celebrities is indicative of fashion's new taste for realism, a respect for the power these women wield, and the transformative nature of fashion as a whole.


  1. la
    12:06 12 Aug 2010
    This is a really interesting point. I have always wondered about the 'Front Row' as a entire visual expression of Fashion.I wonder how the wonderful Susy Menkes would feel about physically representing fashion, or Coiln McDowell or indeed Tim Blanks and Sarah Mower.
    The musicians stepped up their visual self awareness to rise to the challenge of the music video, will the fashion editors embrace the same challenge in the age of live and globally broadcast fashion shows. Look at The McQueen Platos Atlantis (on SHOWstudio !)to see what the front row really looks like.
    Rabbits caught in headlights comes to mind.
    Very interesting though.
  2. Fox
    13:11 27 Aug 2010
    BY FAR my favourite essay. Extremely compelling, and such a good focus on all the powerful women out there and how they shape the fashion world