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WorldWide Gallery Traxx 2012-Mixtape


Matt Williams sent this over to me the other day, its a mix made out of DJs mixing phone calls to major art galleries.



Its such a great mix, Thank you matt! x

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  1. Sadiq
    14:07 2 Sep 2013
    I gave an uncomfortable huge stack of cocims away to a customer/client today He told me he read a comic book from time to time and because basically nobody reads comic books I targeted him as my victim, ..He gotAlpha Girl 1 & 2 (Image)Graveyard of Empires 1-4 (Image)Activity 1(Image)Samurai;s Blood 1-6(Image)Screamland 1-5(Image)Dust Wars 1-3(Image)Chopper 1 (Asylum Press)Ducktales 1-4(Boom!)Dark X-Men 1-5(Marvel)Age of Heroes 1-4(Marvel)Ghostrider 0.1 (Marvel)X-Men Poptopia TPB (Marvel)The Order Vol 2 TPB (Marvel)Wyatt Earp 1-3(Radical)I.C.E. 1-3 (12 Gauge)Phazer 1-4(RZG Comics)and a couple of doubles, one shot and annualsI did warn him its mostly pretty shitty .There was a period in time where I bought many small press books a sort of experimenting phase,.bored with Marvel/ DC From that experience I got the impression Image is publishing too many new series..not all of them are good and a lot of small publishers are small for a reason because series like Phazer(RZG Comics) and I.C.E. (12 Gauge) truelly broadened my horizon of crapiness in cocims.,,,My advice is to be weary when you consider a Superhero Comic from an unknown publisher .its more miss then hit.