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YOU SHALL GO TO THE BALL! 1st Competition Entry In!

The first, brave soul to submit an entry to our YOU SHALL GO TO THE BALL! 'golden ticket' competition is Jasna Rausavljevic of Croatia, pictured here in the outfit she will wear to Nick's Masked Ball on the 24 October, if she makes his shortlist. To remind you, all you need to do to enter is make up an outfit, complete with mask, that you will wear on the night. Photograph the outfit, send a back and front image with your contact details to by the 13th October and Nick Knight will select two entrants –at least one from the UK.

Jasna's got a considerable head start and believe us, the options for masks are limited, so you'd better stake your claim early!

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  1. romeuuuu
    02:43 8 Sep 2006
    love this!
    13th October is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love this photo
    it will be perfect that have this photo in a large size to put in the next number of my magazine hiihhihihi