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You Wear it Well

Organised by legendary blogger Diane Pernet and photographer Dino Dinco, the travelling 'You Wear it Well' festival opens tonight at the CineSpace in Hollywood. The program features a selection of films that focus on fashion, style and beauty, from a range of contributors including Maison Martin Margiela, Bernhard Willhelm, Ruben Toledo, Kim Jones and Noki as well as two films from SHOWstudio. Out of the 100+ films (!) in the SHOWstudio archive, curators Diane and Dino finally settled on Nigel Buck's impressive edit from our recent EDITING FASHION series and 'The Bridegroom Stripped Bare' from our TRANSFORMER project, featuring Alexander McQueen's spectacular performance in which he transforms model Sebastien using two bricks, a pair of scissors, a roll of white tape and lashings of white paint! A screening will also take place at Supperclub in San Francisco on Thursday evening before the festival travels to other locations such as Antwerp during Vitrine and San Sebastian in Spain in the next few months.